After 22 months, it's finally time to let the hair go. And you decide what happens to this blank canvas. Comb-over? Samurai topknot? Krusty the Clown? Bad Hair for a Good Cause. You encourage me to do stupid things by donating money to humanitarian organizations. Let the voting begin . . .

Friday, April 14, 2006

New Visitors And A New Goal

The Hair Project is moving into the Big Leagues. I've just been informed by both Lewis and Leah D. that we just got our first bit of press coverage, courtesy of USA Today's blog, Pop Candy. Pop Candy is a blog dedicated to "unwrapping pop culture's hip and hidden treasures" — something I never imagined that I could possibly be a part of. See the entry, entitled "Something for cHAIRity." (As one who loves bad puns, I wish I'd come up with that one myself.)

The entry itself, albeit brief, is quite amusing. Pop Candy blogger Whitney Matheson writes: "Judging by the guy's current hairstyle, he can't do much worse!" My mother would most definitely agree. (Thanks for the coverage, Whitney. And now that you've given a shout-out to The Hair Project, would you like to donate to the cause and help out a much-deserving charity?)

Hopefully this additional attention can only mean one thing: more money raised for the cause. With all the attention and interest this project has generated, I see no reason why to keep the funraising target so low. If The Hair Project has made it into the Big Leagues, we might as well swing for the fences. So here's the big announcement:

Our new fundraising goal is $5,000.

I have no idea how realistic that is, but given that this has completely exceeded my wildest dreams so far, there's certainly no harm in aiming high. After all, the original goal of $200 was eclipsed in less than two hours after I sent out the original email hyping this site.

You have until 8 pm EDT on Tuesday to donate. The Just Plain Bald look is still in the lead, but much can change in in the next five days. Donors/Voters, it's all in your hands now. Your wish truly is my command.


Meanwhile, I'd like to direct all newcomers to a recent posting; most everything is answered in this FAQ posting from a few days back. If you have questions as to what the project is, who benefits, how to donate and vote, what possibly hairstyles you can vote for, etc., most of the answers are right there. Also, with all the posts on this page, you can simply keep scrolling and find out all the details that way, too.

And finally, just a reminder since the question has come up over email a couple more times today: to vote, you must first give money. Pledges are not enough; the donation acually has to be made to be eligible to vote.


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